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Lahori Raw Silk Jacket

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The hand spun, hand woven Lahori jacket is made of pure raw silk, sourced from the Chaanga Maanga area in Pakistan. To create this garment, the silk threads are first twisted into a heavy weight yarn. Then, the jacket is hand painted on by a single artisan in his studio. The back of the jacket contains an image on the back  bearing the inscription “Lahore Lahore Aye” alongside an image of the iconic blue vespa, famous in Italian iconography, but also commonly found on the streets of Lahore. The painted kites hark back to the days of the Basant festival, still alive in contemporary memory, when kites would fill the air of all the major cities in celebration of Spring.

In some ways, all of Rastah can be understood as conversation with Lahore, the city we are based and a constant source for our inspiration. 

  • Regular fit
  • 100% pure handwoven raw silk
  • Hand painted Rastah logo on the front 
  • Hand painted kites on the front; hand painted vespa on the back
  • Lightweight satin lining 
  • Washing/Handling: Hand wash dirty parts of the garment ONLY with light detergent. This is a hand painted silk jacket, and extra care must be taken. DO NOT dry clean. DO NOT iron.
  • Male Model: 5'10; Wearing Medium | Female Model: 5'5; Wearing Small

"Rastah is an up-and-coming streetwear label committed to sustainability while supporting its local artisans for all of its designs"


"There’s also a new streetwear label out of Pakistan who is also championing South Asian culture and its pieces are just downright cool, too."


“Rastah is a streetwear label from Pakistan that prides itself in the country’s heritage, applying traditional patterns and construction methods and giving them a more modern spin for today’s more casual clothing designs.”


“Rastah is a Pakistani fashion label which is swiftly beginning to carve its very own, gritty niche in the global streetwear industry.”


“Rastah is pioneering the harmony of traditional and contemporary design from South Asia”