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Embroidered Patchwork Jacket

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The Embroidered Patchwork Jacket contains various hand embroidered panels sourced from the Tharparkar region of Sindh and some parts of Balochistan. Each section of embroidery consists of different styles of threadwork and mirror work native to the region, with some overlapping techniques reminiscent of Baloch styles. Each piece is truly unique as the sections of hand embroidery are different on each garment. Some of the styles of embroidery included are but not limited to: kaacha taankadassoti mukhri, mirror work, Balochi taankaneren gujrati taanka. The fabric itself has been ethically sourced by working directly with artisans themselves.

The jacket embodies Rastah’s pursuit of collaboration and coexistence, through the unison of different techniques, colours, and traditions. 

  • Regular fit
  • 80% cotton 20% polyester
  • Hand embroidered panels patched together 
  • Quilted on the inside
  • Washing/Handling: Hand wash with cold water using a light detergent. This jacket may also be dry cleaned.
  • Male Model: 5'10; Wearing Medium | Female Model: 5'5; Wearing Small


"Rastah is an up-and-coming streetwear label committed to sustainability while supporting its local artisans for all of its designs"


"There’s also a new streetwear label out of Pakistan who is also championing South Asian culture and its pieces are just downright cool, too."


“Rastah is a streetwear label from Pakistan that prides itself in the country’s heritage, applying traditional patterns and construction methods and giving them a more modern spin for today’s more casual clothing designs.”


“Rastah is a Pakistani fashion label which is swiftly beginning to carve its very own, gritty niche in the global streetwear industry.”


“Rastah is pioneering the harmony of traditional and contemporary design from South Asia”