For VOLUME III, Rastah transports you to the magical and misunderstood ‘Golden Age’ of Pakistan, the midcentury period before the censorship of the 1980s, when local artists first began to thrive and make their mark in an unlikely new country. Featuring various obscure and cult references from the 1950s up until the 1970s, this collection is an ode to the past but, like always, no simple act of nostalgia. Instead, in the colors and conversations of this politically charged time period, we see a vision of the future, and reflections of the youth movements and creative processes taking place in Pakistan today.

VOLUME III is a continuation of the houses’ efforts to re-contextualise South Asian heritage through artisanship, with some of the most technically challenging, experimental, and environmentally conscious outfits we have ever attempted. Our signature block-printing has been reimagined with neon colors, and throughout the collection, we play with color, silhouettes, and patterns with childlike enthusiasm. The collection is informed by exhaustive research, not only of the past, but of the artistic traditions of various regions in Pakistan to which we have travelled and sourced talent and material. We refrain from Mughal aesthetics, so prevalent in the lexicon of Pakistani urban luxury, to make room for disparate identities and forgotten icons, expanding the definition of what it means to be an ethical consumer and a fashionable global citizen.

Remember, in urdu, Rastah means 'path' but in fashion, Rastah only seeks to go forward.We hope you enjoy this collection, made with deep affection for craft, artists, and the histories we were born into.







We want to keep pushing the envelope with our designs, concepts, & pieces. It is essential for us to keep a level of freshness amongst our drops & continue surprising you guys with top quality pieces crafted by some of Pakistan's greatest underground talent. Having said that, we decided that occasionally between these drops we would produce a "micro-drop" of sorts consisting of pieces that are in some light a continuation of the previous collection yet inching closer to the upcoming volume. This Intermission drop features six new pieces showcasing block-printed work amongst other technically crafted pieces as well as a couple minimalist items featuring our Urdu script logo. Intermission pieces, as with all of our other products, are produced in a set quantity & will not be made again in order to maintain our high standards of keeping each drop fresh, unique, & one of a kind.

Intermission II drops January 30th at 5:00 P.M. EST.


Rastah originally being conceptualized in the chaotic and culture infused city of Lahore, Pakistan, inspiration was never an issue. The raw talent, art, and tradition of the city can be noticed by casually strolling down one of Lahore's narrow gulleys or floundering around small workshops owned by various artists themselves; many of which have been running for generations. However, many of these skillful artists go relatively unnoticed or have been dealt the brunt of mass production facilities significantly being established in South Asia over the last couple decades. Much of the work from Rastah stems out of meticulously collaborating with various such artists, recontextualizing their skill or craft, and enabling them to create one of a kind cross cultural urban wear pieces.

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